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They are accomplished musicians and give an entertaining performance.

They make heavy use of the weird vibrations that a guitar and an organ can make with he aid of electricity.

About 15 minutes later Page, Plant and JPJ came out, sat down with JPJ on the left, Plant in the middle and Page on the right. Then they took another break and came out for another hour and a half and did LZ IV including "When the Levee Breaks", and "Stairway to Heaven". I remember seeing three chairs at the front left side of the stage, it was black except for one lone white light shining down.When I returned from the bar, I was instructed to take it over to the side of the drum kit.I crouched down and tried to get there without being noticed... So there I was, stranded and thinking how not to look like a prat, so I started to play...speakers at the front of the stage to keep them there and the chandeliers were swinging to and fro in their own tribute to the phenomeneon coming from the stage! Not many of the concerts I've been to since have matched it for pure impact!You can tell the people who were really there - they say "Eh" a lot. A brief 10 minute interlude allowed all those who could walk to reconvene on what was left of the floor and the band carried on.

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