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(Source: conversation with a sevak at the Amritnath ashram, Fatehpur, India in November 2000).One of the problems with examining any Sanskrit texts is that history, in the sense that Western academics tend to define it, does not really cut any ice.

Go to hotel website There are many interesting locations very close to Bazzano so that it is possible for you to combine the immersion with a general trip through the beautiful region of central Italy.The famous city of Bologna is very close to Bazzano (45 mins by train) and also the capital of the neighboring region of Toscana, Firenze, is very close (about 1 hour by train from Bologna).Besides, also Bazzano itself offers some interesting sightseeing locations and the nature in this region offers opportunities for hiking and other interesting adventures.He was later on rescued from there from the snares of women by his disciple Gorakshanath who entered the palace of women as a dancer and in the form of a bee unnoticed by others and reminded Mina of his previous career.” (of the School of Matsyendranath, Bagchi’s introduction).After rescuing his guru from the wicked wiles of the sirens of Kadali, Gorakhnath went on to found the Kanphata schools of Natha yoga, a pan-Indian movement which had a great impact on the whole sub-continent, and which influenced other movements including the Sants and the Sikhs.

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