Stages of dating commitment

Examples include having a beer after a period of sobriety, or smoking a cigarette a year after quitting.

Slipping is so common that it is considered normal.

Download MP3 [] People in precontemplation do not see their behaviors as a problem and therefore see no need to change.

These include any client who is pressured or coerced into services.Another example is the child who is brought for services by a parent because of problems in school or at home; the child might see that everyone else has a problem – the teachers, the other kids, or even the parents.Other examples include clients who in treatment because they were court-ordered, required by employers, or even by their partners.I've drawn most of my examples from situations other than addictions.I've done this because the Stages of Change model was developed out of addictions research and there are a lot of examples with addictions.

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