Radiometric dating of sedimentary rocks is unreliable because slovoed online dating

I tend to believe that the 430 years does include the time from the covenant with Abraham and this leaves approximately 300 years in Egypt, or less.

Could Israel have multiplied from 70 people to c.1.5 million in this time?

This harmonizes well with Genesis where God tells Abram that his descendants will be enslaved and mistreated for 400 years (enslavement did not happen on their arrival in Egypt but some time after Joseph died, when their number became threatening).In fact, what we believe about God is based on historical claims, so if the history is inaccurate, then the theology must be as well! I appreciate you sharing all these helps and resources. Lita quotes the reference Exodus where my Bible references state that the Masoretic text says the 430 years is the time in Egypt, whereas the Samaritan Pentateuch and Septuagint state that this 430 years includes the time in Canaan.One of the ways the biblical authors communicated that they were giving actual history is by recording lifespans, or measuring the amount of time between certain events. Also Paul in Galatians –17 states that the 430 years runs from the Abrahamic covenant (Genesis 15) to the giving of the Law at Mt Lita Cosner Many people write in and ask, “How do we know that the earth is 6,000 years old from the Bible?” Given that the chronogenealogies—genealogies where the age of the father at the time of the son’s birth is given in an unbroken chain—end shortly after Noah, how do we get from ~1600 The precision by which we can know the timing of historical events or ages of things is constrained by the precision of the data we’re given.

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