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While wandering through Warm Fuzzy Plains, Mario is run into by a Toad, who then precedes to drop a large, rare, gold scissor sticker. was going after him because he wanted the rare sticker that he found, and then he runs away.

Mario then picks up the rare sticker, and Bowser Jr.

They now can fold into spikes and fly sideways through the air.

When Mario battles them they fold into Paper-Cone Goombas, gaining a different attack that causes 3 damage instead of 2 and if Mario jumps on them, then Mario will take damage due to their spiked shape.

Several Toads try to stop Bowser, however he manages to get past them.

Though he accidentally crashes into the comet, and scattering several royal stickers across the kingdom.

Only Kersti stays with Mario for the duration of the game.The green Toad jumps on top of the rolled up section of town and the Toads give a strong push, then it un-rolls, trapping the green Toad underneath it.Oddly none of the Toads notice that the green Toad was trapped underneath the section of town. When Mario tries to leave the town he is stopped by three Goombas, who attack him.shows up and tells Mario that he is trying to collect all of the rare stickers, and after Mario refuses to give him the sticker he challenges Mario to a battle. uses an ability given to him by Bowser, which allows him to heal himself fully on his turn. until he uses the rare sticker, which does 20 damage to Bowser Jr., thus defeating him. is defeated, he gets annoyed at Mario so he uses an ability to remove the nearby bridge, so that Mario cannot continue advancing through the area.He then crumples up the bridge and throws it onto a high ledge.

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