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He made his way across the court room."You walked over to the Fujita family with open arms and hugged them. " Smith asked."I was mainly sharing grief and wishing them comfort in the ongoing horror that they face," said Astley.

It was Lauren's concern for Nathaniel that would bring her to the Fujita home on the night of July 3, 2011."The key moment is inside that garage ...

Astley had done what no father should ever have to do: identify the body of his first and only child.

Lauren had just turned 18 -- a bright, musically gifted girl with her whole life in front of her."It's still really hard for me to believe," Lauren's mother, Mary Dunne explained.

The bungee cord is a weapon of opportunity, its just there in the garage ... he chose to kill Lauren Astley, and his intention to kill and to murder was manifest ...""I know this boy. Nathaniel is not somebody who could kill," George Mattingly told Smith.

It was a brief onset of this psychotic episode," Sullivan addressed the court. He changed out of his bloody shoes into another pair of sneakers. "It's got to be mental illness it's got to be something that caused the boy that I knew to -- to be on the wrong end of something like this."For friends and family of Lauren Astley, the three-week murder trial was excruciating."Testifying was incredibly emotional for you," Tracy Smith noted to Genevieve Flynn."Yeah, it was horrible. I wanted to say the right thing to make sure the right thing happened for her," she replied in tears.

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