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The fragrance includes mint oil combined with green apple and Italian lemon.

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And I mean vanilla in both ways you can call something vanilla. Versace fan boys cheer on as the new school champion faces the old school in this epic battle. Mine is genuine & I'm using it in a hot & humid country. this is the fragrance that i hated the most and now it's my top 5 fragrances, you get older and you change.

The original version that I have from 2017 is the same as my 2013 version. I get a good 10 hours before it becomes a skin scent and stays until I shower. The performance is unreal, huge projection and by far the longest lasting fragrance I've tried yet.

I woke up the next morning still getting strong wafts of it after 12 hours.

I have a 2013 which is potent & powerful & I just purchased the large 6.7 oz bottle from Notino (dot) com 2017 version and I can say that their is no difference in the smell, performance or quality. My 2017 version is not reformulated or watered down. So therefore, is very likely that Eros has been reformulated recently because it was launched aproximattely in 2012. I've had this for a while but hadn't worn it yet, finally got around to it recently and I have to say that Eros is an excellent fragrance.

I believe that this fragrance is heavily copied and if anyone has a poor performing version, they probably have a fake copy. As it says on the bottle, it is quite an attractive, alluring scent. You know you smell good, women definitely LOVE this.

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