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For example when a researcher holds up the word 'milk', the baby identifies the letters and says the word.

The researchers then praised the baby verbally, which releases virtual dopamine.

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'We have been working on the deepest aspect of the technology, biologically-inspired cognitive architectures.

Simplified models of the brain.'Robotics technology is not really at the level of control that's required.'Robotics materials will have to get to the point where we can start creating realistic simulations.

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But behind this attractive exterior is advanced software that can learn and even mimic human emotions.

And Dr Sagar believes it won't be long before developments in robotics technology allow AI software like Nadia to take on a more humanoid physical form.

The comments were made by Dr Mark Sagar who is the CEO of Soul Machines, an AI company in New Zealand that specialises in creating hyper-realistic 3D avatars.

It will take at least 12 months and a great deal of interactions with Nadia until she is fully operational, but she can already understand thousands of questions put to her and will answer with clear and simple responses.

And if robots can be created that can express the same range of subtle human-like responses and facial gestures, this could allow virtual assistants like Nadia to aide people face to face, rather than just from a computer screen.

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