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Man kennt ihn von der Leinwand oder aus der einschlägigen Klatschpresse: Johnny Marco ist ein angesagter junger Hollywood-Star.

Er residiert im legendären Hotel Chateau Marmont in L. und vertreibt sich die Zeit mit Dingen, die das Leben angenehm machen: schöne Frauen, schnelle Autos, Alkohol und Drogen.

As the film opens a black Ferrari circles on a race track in the desert, its engine roaring in and out of the shot.

When it eventually stops, Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff) steps out.

'And I eat really healthy and a lot, because I'm breast-feeding...always organic. I never really cared so much about my diet until I got pregnant and had a baby,' she told People magazine in 2009. He's got a lot of joy and he appreciates everything around him.

She told Elle magazine: 'He's just a down home, salt of the earth guy. That's really refreshing.'She also opened up about playing Woody's wife, saying: 'She's really struggling to keep their family intact. Their home is beginning to be an increasingly intense place to be.

The film explores Marco's seclusion and depression despite his outward professional success and the resulting wealth and fame.

He appears to suffer from anhedonia, the inability to feel pleasure, but the film itself is reticent in suggesting its causes.

Coppola's first three films examine feminine self-definition and maturation, usually in privileged circumstance.Seit ihrem preisgekrönten LOST IN TRANSLATION gilt Sofia Coppola als die Meisterin der jungen Generation von Autorenfilmern.Ein fesselndes Drehbuch und Sinn für stimmige Atmosphäre sowie zart-poetische Momente bestimmen auch ihr neuen Film, mit dem sie erneut auch ihr untrügliches Gespür für perfekte Besetzung beweißt: Sowohl Stephen Dorff - cool, hipp und sexy – als auch die bezaubernde Elle Fanning begeistern in den Rollen als Vater und Tochter.Marco is a Hollywood actor who, despite his recent rise to fame, does not feel much meaning in his daily life.He resides at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles from where he completes various publicity obligations for his new film: he is photographed with his co-star (Michelle Monaghan), gives interviews to the press, and attends an award ceremony in Italy.

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