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Canning Woodhull also styled himself a physician, at a time when licensing requirements were non-existent or loose.

Canning Woodhull, like Victoria's father, also sold patent medicines.

From wedding outfit regrets to the strength of his marriage to Victoria Beckham… ‘Their manager, Simon Fuller, was very protective over the girls, at the time he wanted to keep it quiet.

Every time I went on a date with her we would sit in a car park and talk.

There she became acquainted with Stephen Pearl Andrews, an advocate of both free love and Spiritualism as well of women's rights, and a Congressman, Benjamin F.

Butler, who was an advocate of women's rights and free love.

But eventually, a couple of years later we christened the kids and he performed this song (Something About The Way You Look Tonight) in our house.’ On cat suits and love at first sight (AWWW)… Mentioning a turning point in his style, David recalled the decision he made as a 6-year-old page boy, ‘I had two options: just a normal suit or burgundy velvet knickerbockers with white tights and white ballet shoes and I chose that, believe it or not!

Having joked previously that Victoria picked him out from a football sticker book and he chose her from the telly, David said, ‘I am not sure that is true on her part because she was never into football but at that time everyone had their favourite Spice Girl and I remember seeing her on the telly wearing a black cat suit…

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On January 11, Victoria Woodhull arranged to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on the topic of woman suffrage, so the NWSA convention was postponed a day so that those attending could see Woodhull testifying. Benjamin Butler, and made the case that women already had the right to vote based on the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U. These two Beecher sisters were especialy horrified by Victoria Woodhull's advocacy of the doctrine of free love. Henry Ward Beecher, a famous and popular Congregationalist minister. Victoria Woodhull made a spectacular target for scandal-hungry newspapers. The sisters lost the support of Cornelius Vanderbilt when their mother spoofed Tennessee's name as the author of a blackmailing letter to Vanderbilt.

Picture the scene: David Beckham stranded on a desert island.

It’s the stuff of Monday day dreams, but in the place of this actually happening, here's what DB actually revealed when he appeared on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. Nandos may be your go-to first date destination, but in a time before Nandos, there was another chain to try.

In 1864, the Woodhulls and Tennessee moved to Cincinnati, then Chicago, and then began traveling, keeping ahead of complaints and legal proceedings.

At one point in Ohio, Tennessee was charged with manslaughter when her "cancer treatments" failed to cure a patient with breast cancer.

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