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For so long they have been a defining characteristic of a woman’s body.Whether you’re an A, B, C, D or bigger, figuring out how to make them look appealing and be comfortable is always a struggle.Therefore, when the young sales woman measured me and told me “you’re a 32AA!” pointing to the very first drawer of the table, I wasn’t even surprised (despite my inner deep hopes of wanting to hear that I was miraculously a B cup). I was getting a bra or, rather, boobs at this store, so really I shouldn’t care.” I too then would smile without embarrassment when my small chest could make a low cut dress look incredibly chic.

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My mom and I were shopping for back-to-school clothes.

I then entered college finally graduating from AA’s to an A, something I was really excited about (maybe someday I’d even make it to B’s! However, as my teenage years ended and I started my 20s, I grew more comfortable with my body as a whole.

I wasn’t so awkwardly skinny because my hips had grown in, and my friends had enlightened me on the butt I never realized was there because I was so focused on my front.

Awkwardly we walked into the brightly lit Victoria’s Secret and I started to feel super uncomfortable, as if the women working there would laugh at my attempt to even buy a bra. My Indian parents assumed I had been taught the beauty of reproduction and puberty in my few years of public school so we dodged that awkward conversation.

While I had never had a problem with any of the other stuff and went with the flow of the changes through only a few tears, the one thing I noticed changing was my chest.

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