Dads against daughters dating democrats facebook

And your daughter — your wonderful, conservative daughter — has brought home a new boyfriend.He looks like a good young man, although he hasn’t said much. That’s why every conservative dad needs this shirt. You can’t have all that effort go to waste with her dating – or marrying – a democrat!

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It’s a .99 investment against a slice of fresh hell: RELATED: CNN Will Be Furious After Trump Golf Course Has Permanent Replacement for White Truck Yes, that’s right. Patriot Depot's new bumper sticker is sure to start conversations everywhere you go. Our bumper stickers are flexible and easy to apply.Display it proudly, and let your friends and neighbors know why you're a member of D. Most stickers will last a year or two under normal weather conditions.It's dads taking a stand for the moral—and political—integrity of their families! With fathers having to combat the "free love" spirit of licentious desire that American culture so prizes at every turn—on the TV, at school, on the Internet, everywhere—the last thing a... This is for mothers who don't want their daughters dating anyone who is against the very principles our country was founded on (it also rules out a lot of losers, too). No, it's not the fathers' version Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Thou shall understand that your presence doesn't make me happy.It's dads taking a stand for the moral—and political—integrity of their families! MADE IN AMERICA It's time we realize that the gun control is not—and never never has been—about guns. Almost every tyrannical government in the history... And know this: I've got a PI doing a background check on you at this moment. MADE IN AMERICA   The Gadsden flag is a historical American flag with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike.

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