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Lorna joneses for her Lorna Doones cookies and thinks the gays are conspiring against her.

Gender bending young Fitzwilliam makes his way to American Girl Place to see if this store for girls sells the perfect accessory. Captain Sparrow has the surprise of his pirate career as he commandeers a lesbian Olivia Cruise ship.

Logo Life Tips teach us the Asian art of Oragami, or do they?

Lorna Doones wreaks havoc on New York’s Gay Pride as it gets in her way to buy a summer shawl.

Go to the official site or the BGSS My Space page for details.

Headed by a cast of eight fresh up-and-coming comedic actors, The Big Gay Sketch Show features a combination of traditional and music-based sketches, pop culture parodies and recurring characters, all from a unique LGBT perspective.

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